‘The Almost Complete’ History and Architecture of Shri Parshwashanti Dham, Sanchor

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The golden sunset poured its rays on the white temple marble and hypnotized the visitors of this beautiful temple. An impressively huge complex of Parshwashanti Dham Tirth welcomes us after a long day.


Guru Shri Gautamswami while praying to the Tirthankars at Ashtapad Tirth created Jag Chintamani Sutra. A part of that Sutra praises Lord Mahavir residing at Sanchor. Hence the idea of creating a grand Tirth on this religious ground of Sanchor was bought to life.

Shree Gautam Swami, Photo by jainworld.com

The complex was the dream project of Shri. Shantilal Mishrimalji Sanghvi ( Chairman of M. G. Sanghvi Charitable Trust).


The creation Idol of Shree Adinath and Shree Samhavnath residing in this temple date back around 2300 years ago during the time of King Samprati, The grandson of King Ashoka. According to the caretaker of this temple the idol was excavated in Jalore.


IMG_3541 (Medium)
Parshwashanti Dham

This is a fairly new temple complex spread across 6,00,000 sq. feet. The sprawling area does provide a sense of peacefulness and isolation to any devotee visiting this place. It is fully equipped with amenities for jain devotees, who could stay there.

IMG_3529 copy (Medium)
Huge Complex of Parshwashanti Dham

The construction was started circa 2013. The Prathistha, that is religious installation of idol in the temple happened on 11/02/2015 (V.S. 2071, Maha Vad 7).

IMG_3522 (Medium)
Ornamental Entrance Arch, more commonly known as Torans

11 Acharyas, 200 Sadhu and Sahdvi ‘Jain Men and Women Monks’ along with countless religious devotees attended this Pratistha.

IMG_3528 copy (Medium)

As we enter, we were immediately greeted by a lovely but enormous sculpture depicting the birth of a Tirthankara.

IMG_3516 copy (Medium)
Birth of a Tirthankara

There were many other statues surrounding the temple complex which did represent various phases of life of a Tirthankara, or more aptly put, a path to becoming a tirthankara.

With my limited knowledge of Jainism I had ignored the statues itself but once I understood the meaning of it, the statues were pristine. But due to limited time frame we could not explore and capture more of it.

IMG_3524 copy (Medium)

The entrance is decorated with ornamental arches and the pathway is decorated electric diyas on its sides.

IMG_3525 copy (Medium)

The temple has its own share of decorative temple pillars

IMG_3530 copy (Medium)
Goddess sculpted on the pillar
IMG_3543 copy (Medium)
Ornamental Pillar with Musicians and Dancers
IMG_3526 copy (Medium)
Base of the temple decorated with wallpaper consisting of 6 Elephants, 2 Horses and 3 Musicians surrounding the whole temple.

IMG_3544 copy (Medium)

The construction of the Museum is still going on and should be ready in some time.

IMG_3542 copy (Medium)
Left Side of the Temple
IMG_3546 copy (Medium)
A View from left side of Temple
IMG_3549 copy (Medium)
A View from left side of Temple
IMG_3550 copy (Medium)
A View from Behind the Temple

P.S. The official website claims that we can see both sunrise and sunset from the tirth dham. So next time you visit do stay for a complete day.


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  2. https://www.facebook.com/parshvashantidham/

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