Proboscis Monkey

The Proboscis Monkey is also called the Monyet Belanda Monkey, which means the long nosed Monkey. It belongs to the Old World classification. In the Egyptian Culture they were worshipped as a very unique animal and believed to be special to the gods.

The long nose if this Monkey is a very distinct feature that separates it from all other species. In fact, when people first noticed it they didn’t even think it was a Monkey due to the look of it. The males have a nose that is even larger than that of the females. It is believed that a larger nose is going to attract females. The nose can be up to 7 inches long.

The males can be up to 56 pounds with the females barely about 20. This difference is larger than with any other primates in terms of their size. They have a reddish brown coloring and the limbs are gray in color. These Monkeys have a very large stomach too.

The Island of Borneo is the known location of the Proboscis Monkey. They live in the lower elevations of the forests and around the swamplands. They are found in the Danau Sentarum National Park where they are well protected from poachers. They are well spread out in their habitat.

via Flickr


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