Panorama Point, Matheran ( Shot with Moto G2 )

Panorama Point, also reckoned as the Sun Rise Point is one of the most well liked and highly admired vantage points near Matheran. Located at the significant distance from the Matheran Market, the Panorama Point is the second last spot on the Matheran Hill Railway Route before the Toy Train reaches the Matheran Bazaar. Panorama Point commended as the greatest capacious space on any mount peak near Matheran is profoundly cherished as the perfect point to view the kudos of the rising sun from. When the juvenile vernal rays of the rising sun fall on the astounding banquette of beauty laid by nature, a spell binding pizzazz is born out of their betrothal. People gather up at the Panorama Point before the break of day to capture the majestic play of colors taking place in the azure firmament at dawn.

Panorama Point of Matheran true to its name yields a really conjuring panorama of rising sun and the surrounding terrain basking in the glory of its tender radiance. The Sun Rise Point is a wonderful locus for picnics in the cradle of loving nature. Besides, the additional attractions of the Panorama Point comprise the grand prospects of the nearby scenic sites such as Chanderi, Prabal Fort, Peb Fort, Mhas-Mal, Navara-Navari, Heart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Louisa Point and the beautiful Ulnas River spotted from here. The enclosing cliffs on hand apart from offering the breathtaking perspectives also echo your voices. You will see people calling out the names of their dear ones from the Panorama Point. No wonder the Sun Rise Point, also famed as the 360 degree point, enjoys the distinct position in the itinerary of every visitor of Matheran.

A Photo by the Creativity Engine
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