YAP Kongsi Temple


Yap Kongsi at 71 Armenian Street, 10200 Penang, is the clan association of Hokkien Chinese in Penang of the Yap surname. The association building is known as Lum Yeong Tong. It is located next to the Yap Temple within the George Town Heritage Enclave and the core zone of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Yap clan traces its origin to 439 BC, when warrior Shen Zhu Liang defeated the troops of the Qin Dynasty, and helped place the Chu Dynasty back into power. In return, Shen was awarded a title, the hand of a princess to marry, and given a piece of land which was called the Yap district. Shen took on the Yap surname, and from there, the Yap clan was born.

In Penang, there were originally two Yap clan associations. The Tong Eng Siah Kongsi was founded in the late 19th century while the Hooi Teik Choon Ong Yap Kongsi was founded in the early 1910’s. These two associations merged to form the Lum Yeong Tong Yap Kongsi, which moved its premises to Armenian Street when the clan association building, built in the Straits Eclectic style, was completed in 1924. The 10,056 sq ft piece of land on which Yap Kongsi stands was donated by local tycoon Yeap Chor Ee, who was also a Yan clansman.


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