(The Almost Complete) History of Bheru Tarak Tirth, Rajasthan

IMG_8056 copy
Bheru Tarak Dham (A Jain Temple)

Co-ordinates: –  24°36’57″N   72°40’28″E

The Bheru Tarak Dham is established in the valley of Nandgiri, the Arbudh as described in the ancient Indian literature. The whole valley represents a good settlement of Ashramas of Rishi Munis. From this valley the hilly track goes to Nakki Lake of Mount Abu. This track was used by Colonel Tod, the first european to visit Mt. Abu. This ancient track was the main source of supply of house hold goods to the inhabitants of Mount Abu. All the saints and religious tourists and the kings of various states of Rajputanas used this track for going to Abu. There were circuit houses of all the states of rajputana at Anadara, This was one of the old municipality of the rajputana established in 1868.

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The rajwada road (road of the kings) was built and the traffic moved from this road to mount Abu, but the importance of Anadara valley was not reduced. Looking to the importance of this pious place, Sanghvi Tara Chand Mohan Lal and Lalit, sons of Smt. Sunder ben and Bhaimal Ji of Malgaon constructed a beautiful temple on a high pedestal. The inspiration to built this temple was given by the Jain Saint Acharya Gun Ratna Suri.

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The temple is built of while marble dedicated to Shahastra Fana (one thousand hoods of serpent) of Parshavnath. The campus is having Dharmshala, BhojanShala and having all facilities for a religious tourists. A bus is operated from this place to Nakoda Tirth in Barmer district.

Just before you leave this place just take a look at the magnificent Entrance which was made recently with details which would mesmerize you.

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