(The Almost Complete) History of Shri Jirawala Parshwanath Tirth

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Rajasthan, a beautiful land of kings, just when you thought you had seen everything you discover something new, something you have never seen, felt or experienced before.

The temple I am about to describe lies near a village named Jirawala. This small town is located just 48 kms from Abu Road station. The temple is named Shri Jirawala Parshwanath Jain Tirth.

IMG_8027 copy
Shri Jirawala Jain Tirth

According to history the Temple dates back to ancient times. During ancient times the town was known by many names, Jiravalli, Jirapalli, Jurikavalli, Jairapalli and many more. The area in which the temple now stands (Tirth Kshetra) is associated to many legends.

One of the legends say that Seth Amarasha of Kodinagar and Acharya Devsurishvarji (a.k.a. Shri Devasurivara), on the same day saw in their dream that there lays an idol of Lord Parshvanath near the foot of Jayraj Hill. Following thier dream both found out the place and excavated the area. There they found the Idol of Lord Parshvanath lying in the ground. This statue of Shri Parshvanath was 18 cm high sitting in Padmasana position.They took out the Idol and a magnificent temple was built in that place.

Shri Jiraval Parshvanath

Hence under the guidance of Devsurishvarji a temple was built in 331 Vikram Samvnt Era  (Which is approximately 389 B.C.; Source – Wikipedia); and the idol was installed by Shri Devsurishvarji himself. Then in the surrounding of the temple 108 idols of shri Parshvanath were installed

As you can see in the photos a complete renovation of the Temple was underway and the Mulnayak (main idol) and other 108 idols was shifted inside a small room temporarily.

IMG_8031 copy

The temple pillars and walls are carved with intricate designs by the hands of skilled labours. Some of the pillars and walls also display ancient works of art.


I did manage to grab some shots of the workers working on the intricate carvings trying to make this place better and wonderful

IMG_8032 copy

IMG_8036 copy


IMG_8038 copy


Apart from the temple the place consists of a Dharamshala, for larger group of pilgrims which is also located in the shade of a mountain. This provides a calm environment for Jain scholars as well as priests to learn and rest.

You can also find this place on Google Maps

Check out more articles from ‘The Almost Complete’ Series


2 thoughts on “(The Almost Complete) History of Shri Jirawala Parshwanath Tirth

  1. Hi..
    Jai jinendra
    It’s so beautifully narrated the extract of jirawala parshwanath bhagwan history. Try to put more efforts on the total facts and holiness of this more elaborated manner. It will be highly appreciated. Any how awesome job. Long live

  2. Jai Jinendra..
    This is a temple under renovation.. The environment is calm..Its a must visit place. After Shankeswar Parshwanath teerth, its Jiravala Parshwanath teerth the most worshiped for all Jains. A must on you itinerary to visit jain temples.

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