(The Almost Complete) History and Architecture of 72 Jinalaya

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G.P.S. Coordinates:  25°0’12″N   72°18’2″E

72 Domes of 72 Jinalaya, Bhinmal, Rajasthan

72 Domes of 72 Jinalaya, Bhinmal, Rajasthan


On the outskirts of a Rajasthani Town, Bhinmal, there is huge complex which offers Pilgrimage to Jain’s all around the world. It is know as Shri Laxmi Vallabh Parshwanath 72 Jinalaya.


Bhinmal was earlier known as Shrimal Nagar (or Bhillamal), which was an early capital of the Kingdom of Gurjars. There are evidence found which indicates Lord Mahavir Swami, the 24th Tirthankar has roamed in these places. This makes Bhinal a very holy place for Jainism.

A Portrait of King Kumarpal

King Kumarpal, the King of Gurjar Kingdom had erected many temples but were destroyed by Alauddin Khilji.

There was a time when Bhinmal looked absolutely stunning with city pinnacled with many temples. It was a great learning center in old times. Many books on Jainism were written here between 7th to 10th Century.


IMG_7990 copy

The pilgrimage is built almost 6 kms away from Bhinmal. Spreading itself across 80 acres of land it offers pilgrimage as well as temporary charitable rest houses to travellers.

IMG_7972 copy

It is built completely in Marble and hence provides a magnificent views. The work done on construction is very intricate. All the details and colors are carved out very nicely.


A benevolent Yakshini guarding the entrance of 72 Jinalaya, Bhinmal

A benevolent Yakshini guarding the entrance of 72 Jinalaya, Bhinmal


IMG_8001 copy

IMG_8004 copy


The construction of this tirth (pilgrimage) had begun at 1982 and took around 19 years to complete.

The temple spreads in the area of 4700 sq. ft. The temple is elevated with the help of 8 ft high platform. The main temple is in the center (It consists of mulnayak, the main god) and is surrounded by 72 other smaller temples

Overview of 72 Jinalaya

The mulnayak of this temple is Lord Mahavir. His statue is housed in the main temple which is 72 x 54 x 60 ft. in dimensions.

There are usually 24 Tirthankars (gods, people who has attained enlightenment) in Jainism. But this temple is a representation of 24 previous Tirthankars, 24 current Tirthankars and 24 future Tirthankars

If you are curious of the names of all (past, present and future) Tirthankars you can check out the list on this site.


Around the Temple

The other 80 acres of area is covered with huge Gardens and a big charitable complex for visitors/travellers. There are also some small temples spread out in that area.

Here are some of the photos I took at this place

IMG_7995 copy

Entrance to 72 Jinalaya


IMG_7976 copy


IMG_7997 copy

IMG_8021 copy

IMG_8019 copy

IMG_8016 copy

IMG_8011 copy

IMG_8005 copy


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