(The Almost Complete) Details of Yogishvara Shiva (The Lord of Yoga)

IMG_2751 copy

Here Lord Shiva sits crossed legged. This pose is called Padmasana or lotus seat. 

IMG_2752 copy

The Stalk of the Lotus is held by two Naga (Snakes).

IMG_2755 copy

The Headgear of Lord Shiva is elaborate and his head is surrounded by usual nimbus. The expression on his face is calm and contemplative.

The arms and legs of the sculpture are severely damaged but the position in which Lord Shiva is sitting can be any of the pose shown below   in the illustration

We can recognize this sculpture as a representation of Lakulisa (a.k.a. Lakulisha, Nakulisha), which according to the puranas, was the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva. 

It is said that Lakulisa was born in Kayavarohan, Varodara District, Gujarat. He is also said the founder of Pashupata Shaivism Sect. It had huge emphasis on Yoga system.

You can read more about Pashupata Shaivism here. Link.

IMG_2756 copy

IMG_2757 copy

Flying above the central figure are celestial guards.

On the extreme right of the sculpture we could see Lord Bramha sitting on his vehicle of swans and …

IMG_2764 copy

…Lord Vishnu sitting on his Elephant (Airavat).

IMG_2765 copy

Under the left knee of Lord Shiva appears to be a Sunflower.

IMG_2770 copy

Lord Vishnu riding Garuda. Both the faces are destroyed.

IMG_2769 copy

There is a draped female attendant on both sides of the central figure.

IMG_2767 copy

These female attendants hold a fly-whisk.

IMG_2772 copy

According to various sources, this sculpture on the lower part seems to be of the Sun God.


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