(The Almost Complete) History of The Bombay Presidency Radio Club

Just a 100 Meter walk from the Iconic Taj Hotel, at the end of the road, there lies an iconic but an almost forgotten piece of history. The Bombay Presidency Radio Club was India’s first radio station to broadcast first programmed radio. The broadcasting had begun in July 1923. This place was commonly known as Radio Club at that time.

Source – Flickr / beedee eye

Up until 1927, it was a sole radio station in the City. It was a low powered radio station covering the area of 387 meters only. [On 23th July 1927, Aakashwani (Indian Broadcasting Company) was established].

A View from the Pier; Source – wonobo.com

The Club was then established in 1932 and promoted Radio hamming and Sailing. From its beginning till now, it serves only its members, serving good quality food and beverages for very lesser rates and has many facilities and hosts many social programs. It even has a sea facing restaurant and a pier which regularly has marriage and social functions. If you go searching for this club be sure to look properly as it may look as a residential building from outside but its wonderful on the inside.




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