History of Flora Fountain, Mumbai

Flora Fountain

General Information

Architectural Style – Neo Classical & Gothic

Completed In – 1864

Cost – Rs. 47000/- (9000 Pounds Sterling)

Client – Esplanade Fee Fund Committee, Bombay Presidency

Construction Material – Imported Portland Stone (Limestone (Jurrasic Period) from Portland)

Architect – Richard Norman Shaw

  • Is located in the southern end of Dadabhai Naoroji Road
  • Flora Fountain is a fusion of Water, Architecture and Sculpture
  • It depicts the Roman goddess Flora (Goddess of Fertility)
Photograph of Flora Fountain taken prior to 1904; Source – Wikipedia


  • This fountain was originally intended for Victoria Gardens
  • The Old Mumbai Fort was demolished in 1860, as a part of Governor, Sir Batle Fraire’s plan to improve sanitation in the city
Sir Henry Bartle Fraire, A Painting by Sir George Reid; Source – Wikipedia
  • Prior to demolition the Fort was built between 3 gates
    • Appolo Gate
    • Church Gate
    • Bazaar Gate
  • The Flora Fountain was erected at the exact place where the Church Gate (named after St. Thomas Cathedral) stood
  • It was constructed by Esplanade Fee Fund Committee, out of a donation of Rs. 20,000 by Cursetjee Fardoonjee Parekh
Source – http://bombayjules.blogspot.in/
  • The Fountain was originally to be named after Sir Bartle Frere, the Governor of Bombay, whose progressive policy had resulted in many great Public Buildings in Bombay
  • However the name was changed before the fountain was unvieled as Flora Fountain
  • Named after the Mythological Roman Goddess of Flowers and Fertility, Flora
  • With its statue on the top of the Fountain, it is surrounded by four other mythological figures on its sides

Flora Fountain in Literature

  • A Poem in Gujarati by Niranjan Narhari Bhagat which is translated in English in the book “Modern Gujarati Poetry : A Selection” by Gujarat Sahitya Academy

Poet Niranjan Bhagat; Source – bookchums.com

A Glass and concrete jungle;

In its midst always

Quiet, comely,

With hope filled face,

she stands


A dream of spring in her matchless eyes,

holding in both hands stone flowers.

About her, in all corners,

Iron butterflies fly round and round

And lifeless insects play

Flora Fountain, Bombay, 1980; Source – http://www.vintag.es

Photos around the Web

Flora Fountain, Mumbai
Source – Anne Murray / Flickr
Flora fountain
Source – Wim Van Der Meer / Flickr
Flora fountain
Source – Wim Van Der Meer / Flickr
Flora fountain
Source – Wim Van Der Meer / Flickr


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