Danau Toba III – The Legend of Pusuk Buhit

Pusuk Buhit; Source – http://daysofbatak.wordpress.com

The Legend Of Pusuk Buhit

  • The first Batak (local) man was born supernaturally on the summit of Pusuk Buhit (Sigullatti)
  • He was known as King of Batak
  • It is told that the King was able to turn into seven different faces
  • Yet his real face was none of those seven faces
  • He was born with extraordinary powers and people still visit this place to pray
  • At the top of Pusuk Buhit there is is a place called Stone Sawan (Batu Sawan) (probably Stone Fountain is the perfect translation)
Batu Sawan; Source – Panoramio.com / Sudihartono
  • It is believed that the Kings who resided here used to bathe here
  • It was discovered in around 1996 by a man who was guided by his dreams to find the source of water
Seven Colors and flavours of Water; Source – http://tobatourismboards.blogspot.in
  • It is also told that the water has a flavour of fresh lime juice
  • This source of water is streamed into seven different channels and has seven flavours
  • And it is also suggested that the water from Batu Sawan can cure diseases
  • Batak People who live in this area call it as blessing water
  • This water is said to heal people after drinking

Ritual Prayer at Batu Sawan


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