The Red Fort XVIII – Additional Photos (& Maps) of the Red Fort and its Buildings

A plan of the Red Fort published by Carr Stephen in Archaeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi (Author, 1876); Source –
*A bird’s-eye view of the Red Fort at Delhi from the east, showing an emperor, probably Shah Alam (1759-1806) entering the Diwan-i-Khas on right. The Rang Mahal is on the left, the Khwabgah Jharoka in the centre, and the Pearl Mosque on the extreme right. Opaque water-colour (painted c.1780-90)* (BL); Source –
The Red Fort as it looks today; Source: Percival Spear, Delhi: Its Monuments and History, updated and annotated by Narayani Gupta and Laura Sykes (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1994; illustrations by Ripin Kalra; scanned by FWP, Apr. 2006 ; Source –



“View of Delhi from the River Shewing the King’s Palace, ” from vol. 3 of ‘The Indian Empire’ by Robert Montgomery Martin, c.1860; also *”Delhi: Shewing the Entrance to the Palace”* Source: (downloaded Jan. 2009)



In the aftermath of the Rebellion, the Red Fort was thoroughly looted; later many of its buildings were systematically destroyed by the British; Source –


*Stone elephant near the Palace, Delhi; a photo by Joseph David Beglar, 1870’s* (BL); also: *Statues of the riders of the stone elephants, Delhi* [*Beglar 1870’s 2*] ; Source –
“The King-Emperor leaving the Fort by the famous Delhi Gate on his way to the Durbar Camp,” from The Graphic, 1911 ; Source –



The Red Fort’s Delhi Gate, an albumen photo from the 1880’s (with the elephants gone); Source –



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