The Red Fort XV – Architecture – Hammams

lal quila hammam
Entrance to the Hammam, Source – Flickr / Nicholas Laughlin

Hammam (Royal Baths)

  • It lies in the North of Diwan-i-Khas
  • It consists of three apartments separated by corridors
  • The floors and lower parts of the walls are built with white marble, inlaid with floral patterns of multicolored stones
  • The two rooms present in the either side of the bath is believed to be used  by the royal children for bath
  • The eastern apartment with three fountain basins were mainly used as dressing room
  • One of these three fountains is known to emit Rose Water
  • There is a basin in the middle of the central room
  • The western apartment was used for hot bath
  • Most of the political discussions were held in the Royal Baths which were lavishly decorated
Ceiling of the Hammams, Red Fort, Delhi
Ceiling of the Hammam, Source – Flickr / Joy Smith
Marble Fountain, Source –
Royal Bath in Fort Delhi
The Royal Bath; Source – Flickr / Salem State Archives
Queen’s Bathroom in Fort Delhi
Queen’s Bath; Source – Flickr / Salem State Archives




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