The Red Fort V – Architecture – Overview


Inside The Red Fort, Source –
  • The Red Fort covers an area of 254.67 acres
  • It is enclosed with 2.4 kms of Defence Walls
  • It is octagon in shape
Map of Red Fort, Source – Wikipedia
  • The fort showcases the use of Marbles, Floral Decorations and Double Domes which exemplify the Mughal Architecture
  • It showcases a very high level of art form and ornamental work
  • The artwork in the Fort is the combination of Persian, European and Indian art style which results in a unique Shahjahani Style which is very rich in form architecture and color
Ornamental Works Source –

5 thoughts on “The Red Fort V – Architecture – Overview

      1. It’s fantastic and I would highly recommend it. Delhi has everything and would recommend humayan’s tomb, qutab minar and Delhi gate.

        Of course the Taj Mahal and Agra fort are special too


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