Arnala Lighthouse

Original Post by my friend Dr. Ajay Pradhan (Wanderlust Adventures)

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Half-day Sunday Outing to #Arnala #Lighthouse with WanderLust Adventures

Our group of 9 friends meet at Virar station and head towards Virar Bus depot on the west side.

All done in our usual TTMM way, i.e.- Tu Tera, Mein Mera = All expenses and responsibilities on your own.

↑ All of us at the coast, to catch the boat to Island Fort of Arnala (the island beyond is where the fort is) 

HOW TO GO? Bus ticket from Virar station to Arnala Bus Depot (last bus stop) OR till Arnala Fish Market (second last bus stop) = Rs.12/- and rickshaws from Virar station take Rs. 20/- per seat to drop you at Arnala Fish Market. It takes less than an 30 minutes for the bus to reach Arnala Fish market.

From Arnala Fish market, walk ahead and take the first right coming within a minute. In less than 5 minutes of walking, you will reach the Arnala Lighthouse.

Google Map from Arnala Fish Market to Arnala Lighthouse

Co-ordinates of Arnala Lighthouse: 19 °27.4’ N 72°44.8’ E.

This is the most disappointing lighthouse I have ever been to. It resembles the mobile network towers. The only difference is, the metal framework of this lighthouse is painted white. One cannot climb up to the top of this lighthouses, as it usually happens with other lighthouses.

↑ First sight of the lighthouse & the surroundings ↓ 

This Lighthouse is situated on the mainland and the coast is 300 metres away from the lighthouse. You can reach here walking.

The keeper or the official at the lighthouse was keen to make us leave early and he accomplished that successfully.

We walked to the coast, from where boats are available to reach the island Fort of Arnala. The sea was dark brown and the beach was dirty. You have to wade through the dirty sea water to climb in the boat. Similarly, the boat will drop you mid-way near the island’s coast and again you will have to wade to reach the island. After this boat-ride, the fort is beautiful, on whose walls you can walk and glimpse at the beautiful ocean and the horizon.

↑ The fish drying at coastal village of Arnala ↓ 

↑ Wading through the sea, to reach the island fort of Arnala ↑

↑ Island fort of Arnala, seen from mainland of Virar from Arnala village ↑

As I had been to this island fort earlier and our group was reluctant about wading through the sea, we retreated back to Virar station.


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