History and Travels of The Hope Diamond # 2 – Geological Beginnings

Hope Diamond – More than A Billion Years Ago

  • The Hope Diamond grew deep within the Earth, surviving the high temperature and pressure
  • Diamond are usually made of Carbon, but when the Diamond grew some part of Boron also entered its cluster
  • The ratio of Boron to Carbon was 1:1 Million
  • Boron also resulted in Deep Blue Color of the Diamond

Source – Si.edu

  • No one knows the exact age, but scientists have dated the  rocks in which these Diamonds are found, upto 1.1 million years old
  • Considering it was the typical sequence of events which led the surfacing of Hope Diamond

Source – Si.edu

Hope Diamond – 1.1 Billion Years Ago

  • This Diamond was carried to the Earth’s surface by  Volcanic Eruptions
  • When the Magma exploded, the Diamond was embedded with the rock known as Kimberite (Link)
  • This Kimberlite was eroded by wind and rain, resulting in gravel deposits
  • It was then the Hope Diamond was found in Kollur Mine, near Kollur (Modern day Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India)

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