Half-day Sunday Outing to 2nd Century BC BUDDHIST #STUPA & KALAMB #BEACH at #Nallasopara with WanderLust Adventures on 21st April 2013

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Half-day Sunday Outing to 2nd Century BC BUDDHIST #STUPA & KALAMB #BEACH at #Nallasopara with WanderLust Adventures on 21st April 2013

The plan to assemble at 7am at Nallasopara railways station’s ticket window on the west-side (besides platform number 1) was delayed by 45 minutes. What a start!

↑Crossing the Bhayandar Creek.

↑Sunrise over Bhayandar Creek.

Google Map link: http://goo.gl/maps/cWFR5

Luckily the ST bus depot is just outside the railway station on the West side and the frequency of ST buses for Kalamb Beach was good, every 15 minutes. We were a group of 8. The conductor of the bus was quite helpful & told us at what stop to get down to reach Kalamb beach.

Alighting from the bus, the walk to Kalamb Beach was about 10 minutes through the small villages that line the beaches. Farming is an active occupation and on both sides of the road were farms of flowers, brinjals, chillies, amlas, snake gourd and vines.

The first impression of Kalamb Beach is not all that great. Plastic littered it. The tide was low. The beach gets crowded by evening. Very few people and some fishermen were seen taking off their boats to the open seas. Nice clouds and blue skies, along with pleasant weather were nice.

↑↓ Crab dwellings on the shore – they roll out balls of sand to make burrows to stay inside.

We enjoyed playing frisbee (flying dish) in the morning breeze.

After a nice tea at the beach-side restaurant, we walked through the farms & flowers once again that we had crossed while coming to Kalamb Beach.

↑↓Our farming activities 😉

Our next destination was the Buddhist Stupa, that is still standing in a state of neglect, from the past 2500 years! Getting down at from the shared 6-seater (tum-tum) at Wanda village, we entered the gates of this RELIC.

Made of rectangular bricks / stones, this round dome is surrounded by palms. There is no entrance inside the Stupa. You can walk around the Stupa, soaking in the centuries, wondering how old it is. There are flat round and rectangular structures surrounding the Stupa, made of the same type of bricks / stone, the Stupa is made of.

It is said that the Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh, India is a replica of this Sopara Stupa!

There are some idols of deities recently placed by locals at this Stupa. A family had come to pay their respects. Not many know of this Stupa and very few visit it. But the mere fact that it is 2500 years old makes it worthy! I liked the Stupa and its surroundings.

We were back at Nallasopara station by 1pm. The road to Buddhist Stupa & Kalamb Beach is one. Do visit to see the history in your backyard


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