A Hunt for Our Heritage, Mumbai

Some time ago, on a lonely Sunday we 3 friends decided to hunt for things which were long dissapeared in  our city. Check this out, were inspired for this Indiana Jones type hunt by an article in a newspaper.

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#HERITAGE #MILESTONES: #Treasures in #Mumbai (All are real and existing) – WanderLust Adventures.

Milestones are Grade 1 Heritage Structures put up by the British to mark distance in miles from the city centre. Mumbai’s City Centre then was St. Thomas Cathedral, which is still standing beautifully at Kalaghoda.

St Thomas Cathedral Church 18°55’54.78” N 72° 50’1.71”E.

1) BURIED CANNON: Just behind this “India Wines” Wine shop’s door, on the footpath – there is a real Cannon, which is out of use and said to be buried by Indian freedom fighters. Next to First Milestone.

Coordinates: 18°56’39”N 72°49’46”E.



2) I MILESTONE (FIRST): On the footpath, just outside the S.P. Jain Centre of Management.

Coordinates: 18°56’40”N 72°49’45”E.

3) III Milestone opposite Bhatia Hospital: Third Milestone with 3 written in Roman Numeral III. Is opposite Bhatia Hospital.

Coordinates: 18°57’54”N 72°48’46”E.


There is one more 3 Milestone with three written in English as ‘3 Milestone near Gowalia Tank & August Kranti Park.

4) ‘3 Milestone: The only Milestone with English numeral 3. This one is near Gowalia Tank, August Kranti Park. Standing next to Central Bank of India ATM.

Coordinates: 18°57’49”N 72°48’34”E.



5) VI Milestone opposite Chitra Cinema:

Coordinates: 19°0’47”N 72°50’40”E.



6) VII Milestone near Kabutarkhana: Near Antonio D’ Silva School.

Coordinates: 19°1’11”N 72°50’22”E.


7) Milestone in Sion: Coordinates & photos coming up!

There are 16 milestones in Mumbai, some missing & unknown. I will find them and upload here. You can visit these places and the coordinates are noted on hand-held #GPS and then converted to find on Google Maps / Wikimapia.

You may find these links useful: http://bit.ly/ZEdptO & http://bit.ly/11saqGk

My companions in this hunt were JS http://thecreativityengine.tumblr.com/ & VP.


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