Junglebook – Melghat Tiger Reserve – Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Previous Post

We followed the Forest Officer to his Office, the first thing we noticed was

I have no idea if it was a fake or a stuffed animal. There were 3 similar trophy heads hanging on the wall.

After doing the Paperwork we entered the complex. It was a perfect vacation home for those who would like to be close to nature. It was peaceful, calm with birds singing and the rivers dancing around the complex.

We had not expected cleanliness in this place which was too disconnected from the city, but we were surprised how well the whole complex has been maintained by the villagers and the residents

We dumped our bags in the room, freshened up and just left to explore the surrounding area.

The first thing we encountered was

Our first instict is to kill it, but then Spiderman would have been angry, so we just clicked.

We also encountered another spider who was smart enough. Here is the pic fo it below

This little thing was trying to enter our Cottage, but we kicked him out, but then it was writhing in pain and cramped as if it will die, then it waited for a minute or so, made himself proper and started to walk again on its way. Nature is surely weird and awesome at the same time.

Then we went to the reception again to inquire about the guide who would show us around the area for the rest of our stay. The guides we found were only looking out for customers with cars, who would opt for Jungle Safari. We knew that jungle safari wont do us any good as we wont be able to see anything and our group completely comprised of regular trekkers. So they guided us towards another guide who was a great birdwatcher and knew about  the flora and fauna around the whole Melghat.

As it was the first day we started to explore on our own. We went to the river banks which were scenic and was peaceful too.

And we explored more..

Translation – A Tiger is an indicator of a healthy environment

Water Skeeters / Water Striders

Cycling Track

After exploring the complex in the evening we left for contacting home from a nearby village.

After sundown, going to the village was a courageous task as it was pitch dark and the whole area is Sloth Bear Territory, and the eerie darkness can give chills down to the core, even in a group of four the darkness was chilling.

But such darkness has advantages, the fellow stargazers showed us the world which were far, really far, i mean a million light years away far. We could see the Andromeda Galaxy and also we could see our own Milky Way  with naked eyes, which was pretty awesome and which I have never got a chance to see in the city. We also star-hopped to nearby star-systems.

The complete list of Flora – Fauna and Star-systems seen on day 1

Stay Tuned….


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