Junglebook – Melghat Tiger Reserve – Day 2 Part 1

Remember when you were a kid and you used to ride a caterpillar ride in the Theme Parks. The Red Bus was the same, except it carries more grown ups.



Full Speed Ahead

More Bumps

Bigger Bumps

This was the experience for the whole ride.

With no headrest for people with 6 ft. height sleeping was also an issue. My head kept on falling on my colleague the whole time.

The bus had stops at many places where we can freshen up.

Luckily there was network available. But because of excess battery usage the battery died.

Being a Tumblr Fan my friend (http://acewings.tumblr.com/) started posting stuff on it. That being as an inspiration I armed my Camera and  started photographing stuff at night.

After a long and tiring journey to Paratwada, we caught a Bus for Semadoh, which lies in the heart of Melghat Tiger Reserve. It was another 1  & 1/2 hr to reach the final destination. Sadly the Bus didn’t have a halt on Chikaldhara we had heard a lot about  this place, we wanted to explore it too but increasing the days would have proved a problem to our work life.

Then we finally reached Semadoh (Wikimapia).

After getting down from the Bus, tired and exhausted, we started asking directions for Semadoh Complex. The first person we asked was the Forest Officer himself and it turned out  that we were supposed to meet him for our stay at Semadoh.

The climate was pleasant. The whole area was covered with dense forest. It looked Beautiful.

As quoted by my friend JD

It would be a sin not to photograph these Beautiful Landscapes.

Here are some of my photos of Semadoh

A beautiful description by my friend (http://acewings.tumblr.com/)

Getting down from the bus (after a ride of 14 hours), we stretched ourselves in a small village and asked for directions. The first person whom we asked was the forest officer himself, whom we were supposed to meet. & he said, follow me. Leading us down a small winding road, we saw the calm river. Running dry, but not exactly, with water still gurgling and no one along its banks. Just the reflection of the sky above and the jungle beyond, the waters had a magical effect upon us. Though tired, thirsty & hungry, we took out our cameras to shoot this moment. Crossing a small bridge that will take us into the wilderness, we (group of four friends, who prefer to call themselves “Junglebook”), were eager to get inside of soul of the jungle. Into the deep dense forests, that I had always imagined & dreamt of!

To be Continued….



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