#BandraLegacy Heritage Walk

Some of the beautiful, well preserved treasures of Mumbai are hidden in plain sight. The Heritage structures of Bandra combined with Hip artwork is a wonderful sight to behold. The old world charm has never left these villages. Hence we decided to explore Bandra’s Legacy on foot.

We knew that Bandra comprised of 7 Heritage villages

  1. Sherly
  2. Malla
  3. Rajan
  4. Kantwadi
  5. Waroda
  6. Ranwar
  7. Boran
  8. Pali
  9. Chuim

Some of villages are completely overtaken by Redevelopment, hence are very difficult to find.Also the best way to explore the area is on foot.

P.S. There are around 200 Photos, and you can fully appreciate it in Full Screen

Street Art Gallery

Heritage Gallery

More photos by friends who joined us for the walk.

  1. Dr. Ajay Pradhan (Wanderlust Adventures) – https://travelnew.tumblr.com/
  2. Paresh Soni (My Travel Adventures) – http://traveladventuresbyme.blogspot.in/

If you think we have missed some important heritage structure or artwork, or you have any suggestions, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank You.