(The Almost Complete) History of P. Niruma Samadhi, Trimandir, Gujarat

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Niruben Amin, was known as Pujya Niruma by her followers, was a disciple of Dada Bhagwan.


She was the driving force behind the construction of Trimandir (Check out ‘The Almost Complete’ series for Trimandir here. ), and also the founder of Dada Bhagwan Foundation.

Hence the final resting place was created just besides the Trimandir.

General Information.

Once you enter the Gardens you will be greeted with a large grey plaque

IMG_3444 copy

There is a quote by P. Niruma in Gujarati language stating (*rough translation*) “Except Moksh(Heaven), I never want anything from this world”

Then you will be greeted with a huge tree with information card hanging on it. Most of the tourists definitely miss this.

IMG_3454 copy

The information card states (*rough translation again*) “I am fortunate to be born on a morning of June 2001 by the hands of Pujya Niruma. I am very happy to see the development of Simander City. I am joyful to see that the Mahatmas are moving ahead in the Gyanmarg  ”

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The sprawling Landscape garden around the Samadhi, gives a sense of peacefulness. The Samadhi rests between the garden in a huge open structure where the ardent devotees can give respect and pray to Pujya Niruma.

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Enjoy this 360 Degree Video from the interior of the Samadhi by Dada Bhagwan Foundation



(The Almost Complete) History & Architecture of Adalaj Trimandir

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qv9brqxThree Shikharas rose into existence as we searched for the famed Trimandir in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The Shikharas act as a beacon of light drawing crowds from all sects of Jainism, Hinduism and Vaishnavism.

Believe it or not, the temple houses Gods and Goddesses from these three faiths under a single roof. Hence, the name Trimandir.

Inspired by the teachings of Dada Bhagwan and Akram Vignan , the Dada Bhagwan Foundation has built this unique temple where the essence of all religions have been placed in one platform.


Visitors worshipping Amba Mata and Dada Bhagwan

The main idols of this temple are

  1. Shri Simandar Swami
  2. Lord Vishnu
  3. Lord Shiva.


Approximately 7 Lac visitors every year come to visit this holy place seeking gods coexisting with other gods.

We can also see the idols of

  1. Shri Rishabdev Bhagwan
  2. Shri Ajitnath Bhagwan
  3. Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan
  4. Shri Krishna
  5. Shri Chakreshwari Devi
  6. Shri Padmavati Devi
  7. Shivling
  8. Shri Parvati Mata
  9. Lord Hanuman
  10. Lord Ganesha
  11. Shri Yogeshwar Krishna Bhagwan
  12. Shri Shrinathji Tirupati Balaji
  13. Shri Bhadrakali Mata
  14. Shri Ambe Mata
  15. Shri Saibaba
  16. Shri Shri Padmanabh Swami
  17. Shri Ashapura Maa
  18. Shri Chamunda Devi
  19. Shri Khodiyar Maa
  20. Shri Kali Maa


This is the first and the largest of the planned 24 Trimandirs. Numerous such temples in India as well as other countries are in process.

This impressive building is designed as a two story structure. The Ground Floor houses a gigantic hall used for delivering Satsangs, and the Temple is above it. The hall measures 31,250 Sq. Ft. with a seating capacity of almost 6,000 People.


Above the hall, the temple measures 20,000 Sq. Ft. The idol of Shri Simandar Swami is 150 ft. high surrounded with other beautiful idols of Gods and Goddesses. It also houses a small Museum describing the life and times of Dada Bhagwan.


The Entire structure including the tallest central shikhar is 108 ft. The complete structure with its intricate carvings is made with Pink Sandstone as its primary material.


The area surrounding the temple comprises of a huge play area for kids, a Food area and a Book Store, Temple Dining Hall, Dormitories and Health Centers.


The Trimandir is illuminated every night  is a grand spectacle to behold.


The official timings are 5:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

Trimandir Museum Tour

Enjoy a tour through the pictures depicting the life of Dada Bhagwan

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